Self-Hosted Costflow Hub

Self-Hosted Costflow Hub

Plain Text Accounting Made Easy, Especially on Mobile.


Costflow Hub is a productive service that helps you keep plain text accounting on your messenger apps. Every time you send a transaction entry to your own bot, Costflow Hub will convert it with Costflow Syntax, then save them to the local ledger file. So you can keep accounting anytime, anywhere.

Currently, the supported messenger is Telegram, the supported ledger format is Beancount.

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  • Running on your own server, even on your desktop.
  • Use your own bot.
  • Bookkeeping on mobile phone, desktop, web. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Easily to get started, no programming needed.
  • Simple syntax.
  • Automatically create a ledger file every month.
  • Save attachments such as pictures and invoices (coming soon).
  • Custom reminders (coming soon).
  • Recurring transactions (coming soon).


  • No third-party can get your data.
  • Only sending requests for verifying license and checking updates.
  • No cloud storage service needed, directly save to local files.
  • No domain and open ports are needed.
  • No account. No need to log in.
  • No need to share personal information.
  • Made by Costflow.

Self-Hosted Costflow Hub Demo Video

What's in it?

You will get a license and an executable file once you purchased. Your own bookkeeping bot will work after some simple configuration.

Purchased Costflow Hub can be used forever, every license can get one-year updates for free.

Terms & Conditions

  • No refund at the moment.
  • Supported OS: Mac OS / Windows / Linux. You should check if your OS is supported using the method in step 1 on Docs page.
  • Please make sure the device that Costflow Hub running on can access Telegram API directly (or you have HTTP/HTTPS proxies that can do so). You can test it by opening a terminal window and paste the following code, the status code should be 200.
curl -IL -m 10
  • There is no UI provided in this version.
  • No sync services are prebuilt, the parsed entries will be saved to files on the local machine wherever Costflow Hub is running on. So you should manage ledger files manually or use sync services like Resilio Sync to do that.
  • The accessibility of the bot depends on Costflow Hub running status and network status.
    • If your desktop can't running without interrupts, you could try it on your NAS, Raspberry Pi, or VPS server.
    • If you want to run Costflow Hub on a VPS server, please make sure the network has no issue to access Telegram API. You can try Digital Ocean or Google Cloud if you need, both of them have free credits to get started.

How to use Costflow Hub?

Self-Hosted Costflow Hub Docs


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